Moshi Moshi

Juyey. UK.

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Is a nerd sometimes; and a geek the rest of the time! (according to Mike Jones!)

<3 Loud music / Piercings / Hair dye / Tattoos.


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Eyeko London, Tube Mascara Wardrobe and Eye Make Up


* Julie or Juyey. Whatever you feel like calling me at the time, both is good.
* 25 by number but I definitely don’t feel like it, or act like it. :)
* Live in the North West UK. Originally from Liverpool, but don’t live there now.
* Harry Potter is a major part of my life.
* I have piercings and tattoos.
* I dye my hair at least once a month, it’s currently purple (Jan 2011)
* I LOVE bats! I think they’re awesome, and fascinating, and just so cute. Amazing creatures. <3
* I work too hard and get paid pennies for it. Welcome to reality.
* I love learning, anything. Depending on the mood. But I like to expand my knowledge.
* I read a lot! I watch too many dvds and play too many games.
* Music is EVERYTHING to me.
* I may be a little obsessed with Doctor Who / Matt Smith :P